Sunday, October 29, 2006

Glenn Gould, There and Bach again

If you missed Glenn Gould: Hereafter, shown Saturday night on Bravo, try and catch it some other time. It’s a must see: Never before seen footage and new testimonials. But most importantly: the music. Gould playing Bach, back and Bach again. Watch it if you can. It is so Canadian.

Your pups will thank you for it!


Friday, October 27, 2006

That Nation Notion: What Is It Good For?

One just knows that something is definitely wrong with the idea of formally recognizing Québec as a nation, when you see Bernard Landry, Denis Coderre, Pablo Rodriguez and Claude Morin (Claude Morin!!!) all agreeing that Nationalism is the greatest thing since sliced bread.

Well, folks, you can’t have it both ways:

1. Either recognizing Québec as a nation is a symbolic gesture, in which case it is useless, childish and dangerously divisive;

2. Or nationhood actually means something concrete, in which case in means reopening the constitutional can of worms, either by entrenching an interpretative clause in the Charter or by amending sections 91 and 92 of said Constitution.

Take your pick; you can’t just sit on the fence.

I know where I stand. I stand with Jean Chrétien: Forget the whole thing!.

Wag on,

Bernard Landry, Yes Sir!

Jules and I just came in from our afternoon walk. The rumour around the fire hydrant is that Bernard Landry is expecting an invitation to pronounce the keynote address at our upcoming Liberal Leadership Convention.

After a few opening remarks regarding Red Rags and the textile industry in general, Mr. Landry will explain to us grits that recognizing Québec’s nationhood will be “beneficial to all Canadians because it will prepare said Canadians for the next natural step: the independence of Québec” – rough translation of Landry’s words on (LCN) Le Canal Nouvelles this morning.

Yes, Mr. Landry loves Canada so much that he wants to make sure we don’t get caught off guard! Non merci, Monsieur Landry.

You can read Mr. Landry’s illuminating thoughts in ma langue maternelle here. Enjoy.

What a mess!

You may also want to read Don Martin in Today’s Calgary Herald. For once, I agree with him.

Yes sir, what a mess!

Tails down,

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Dion in English: Plain, Simple and True

Here is, courtesy of Cherniak and Fadi the English translation of the Dion piece on the Nation Notion.

To quote Fadi:

"There is not one leadership candidate other than Stéphane Dion that has given more thought and effort to the question of Quebec's nationhood or Canada's unity out there at this time. He brings years of experience on the subject, and has fought for Canada's unity harder than any of the current leadership candidates."

Enough said.


That Nation Notion: The Straight Dope en Français

Here is the Stéphane Dion piece, published in La Presse Today, about the “Québec is a nation” resolution nonsense. Sorry, only the French version is available for now.

Suffice it to say that Stéphane, just like us Alter Boys, was born and raised in our fair province of Québec. He also spent most of his adult life here. Dion knows his stuff. He fought and bled for us Francophone Federalists.

Some people don’t want to hear the inconvenient truth, but Stéphane tells it like it is. No nationalist nonsense, no pandering, no pussy-footing: Just the straight dope. If you can read French, get to it now. If not, we’ll try to translate and post it as soon as possible.

For now, here are a few bits in French:

"Alors voici ma position: je suis fier de faire partie de la nation québécoise au sein du Canada. La reconnaissance constitutionnelle de cet état de fait, bien que souhaitable, n'est pas nécessaire, car rien ne nous empêche, nous les Québécois, de jouer pleinement notre rôle et de réussir dans ce formidable terrain d'action qu'est pour nous le Canada, pays que nous avons puissamment contribué à bâtir.

Rien ne justifie que nous renoncions à notre appartenance canadienne. Une telle rupture serait une tragédie pour nous-mêmes, nos enfants et les générations futures. Nous ne devrions pas être encouragés à commettre une telle erreur sur la base d'une reconnaissance souhaitable mais non nécessaire. Telle est ma position, et je suis bien sûr intéressé à en débattre car je ne sous-estime pas l'importance des reconnaissances et des symboles. Mais je ne crois pas qu'il nous faille demander aux autres Canadiens une reconnaissance avant que nous ayons clarifié ce que nous cherchons à obtenir par là."

Some bloggers would have you believe that all of us Franco-Québécois Liberals are rabid nationalists dreaming of some special recognition, as if we were teenagers in need of special care. It just isn’t true.

Some would have you believe that pandering to the nationalist self-proclaimed elite is the only way to win Québec. It just isn’t true.

We Québécois vote for those who stand tall and firm for Canada. Otherwise … well just think of Paul Martin jr. and John Napier Turner.

Tails up,


Monday, October 23, 2006

Peter MacKay Getting ready for Halloween

Much has been said and written about Peter Foreign-Potato-Field-Affairs MacKay’s latest pronouncement on Belinda, Dogs and the likes. The truth, according to us Alter Boys, is that being compared to a dog is actually a compliment!

The only exception: this picture of Pete-the-Mac in his Halloween/Condi Rice worshipper costume.

Jules says: He who dismisses Dogs will soon find himself and his brethren in opposition. Miss Stronach, on the other hand, will land a cabinet seat.

Wag On, jilted loverboy!


Grits in Montréal: Iggy Cheerleaders Show Their True Colours

As you can see from the picture, Jules and I are on attack mode. Watching the short bits and pieces of the Saturday debate that were shown on TV, I was suddenly brought back, in memory, to the days I spent in student politics at the Université de Montréal (Law school, late 80’s). The student body was then, as it is probably nowadays, 60-70% nationalists/péquistes/separatists. Anytime one would raise an issue or ask a question that made them feel uncomfortable, the hurly-burly, the heckling and the booing would start. Anything to shut down the opponent! Now I'm not comparing the Liberal crowd to a separatist assembly...just their behaviour.

Full disclosure: I did not attend the Montréal bash, but a fellow pup tells me the TV bits were dead on.

Is this really what the Ignatieff crowd is all about? Heckling and booing? Rae and Dion raised valid points, whether you agree with them or not. They asked questions that need to be asked and answered. Bob and Stéphane did not invent anything nor did they put words in Iggy’s mouth. They quoted him, and asked questions. Isn’t Ignatieff supposed to be “a superior intellect”? Can’t he just explain himself, answer for himself? Does he have to rely on a crowd of booing cheerleaders?

Dissension Delivered puts it better than I could, when he writes, here, about Michael Ignatieff and his worshippers:

"For a campaign who gets so upset by the notion of an anybody-but campaign, he sure provides other campaigns with all the reason to pursue such a strategy.

Moreover, it's pretty rich for the Ignatieff campaign, represented by people like Antonio and Alex, to talk about party unity. Their motto is simple: divide and (hopefully?) conquer. They support the most divisive candidate in the race, and their actions (and those of similarly minded pro-Ignatieff supporters) are a big reason why he is so divisive.

I will add that the Iggy campaign is beginning to look more and more like the Martin crowd, circa 2003-2005: Stifle yourself, you ingrate dissenter! We all know were that led us! Are we going to make that same mistake again?

Well, I have a hunch that the Dion, Rae and Kennedy crowd will not shut up.

I just read Fuddle Duddle’s latest rant, and I’ll get back to it later on. But if Michel C. Auger’s and Chantal Hébert’s opinion is all they have to fall back on, they’re in trouble.

My fellow pups and I are in a very bad mood. And it’s certainly not because we’re desperate, as some would have you believe

Friday, October 13, 2006

Three Pillars for Three Dogs

When Stéphane Dion launched his campaign for the Liberal leadership, he made his three pillars platform crystal clear: Economy, Environment, and Social Justice. He called it: The Virtuous Circle. We Alter Boys got right on board. So did countless others. Now is the time for all Dion supporters to get involved!

Stéphane Dion knows why he’s running. He has a vision. He knows what he stands for. No ambiguity. No pussy-footing. No retraction or clarification needed. Help Stéphane become the next Liberal Alpha Dog. Make sure that Stéphane Dion is the next Prime Minister of Canada.

Click here to contribute to Stéphane’s campaign.

Thanks to everyone who helped make Dog Lovers for Dion Days a success.

Wag On!

Senior Dogs for National Unity

As part of Dog Lovers Days for Dion, meet our Grandpa Willy, an old Montréal grit who started his organizing and fundraising career under PM Louis St-Laurent! Now retired, Willy strongly supports Stéphane Dion. His main reason for doing so is the same as ours: Dion is a dedicated and unwavering federalist. Here in Québec, says Grandpa, that counts.

Stéphane always stood up to the separatists and the self-proclaimed nationalist intelligentsia. He never backed down and stayed true to his principles, even when insulted and ridiculed by pundits and cartoonists.

When it comes to defending Canada, adds Willy, Stéphane Dion is a tireless and fearless fighter: He just won’t let go of the bone! He’s the Leader we need.

A fearless federalist and a true Canadian, Dion’s got Grandpa Willy’s support paws down!

If you want to help Stéphane become Liberal Alpha Dog come December in Montréal, click to donate here.

Only twelve hours left to Dog Lovers for Dion Days; Get involved!

Dudley and Jules

Thursday, October 12, 2006

Bulldogs for Sustainable Development

As we all know, our furry friends are very preoccupied with environmental issues. That is especially true for our Bulldog Brother Jules. Jules needs Canada to get serious about Climate Change, and Stéphane is the man to do it!

You can learn more on Stéphane Dion’s Plan on Energy and Climate Change here.

Help Jules and Stéphane Dion build a Sustainable Canada. Participate in Dog Lovers for Dion Days. Donate here. This link will take you directly to the Dion site.

Vous voulez contribuer en français? cliquez ici.

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Dog Lovers for Dion: Unite!

Here is Kyoto, dreaming of the green backyards of Stornoway and 24 Sussex! Help send Kyoto-Husky-Dion, Stéphane’s number one supporter and adviser, move to Ottawa…

You support Stéphane Dion? You just love dogs?

You always wanted to contribute to the Dion campaign but never had time to do so? Now is the time!

This is the final stretch. Help Stéphane Dion become Liberal Alpha Dog. Now is the time!!!

Contribute as little as you can, as much as you want: $10, $25, $50, $100. Every donation counts.

All you have to do is click on the Dion Revolution Button on the right of your screen!

Let’s get involved!

A Leader Must be a Leader

Much has been said and written over the last few days about the latest Michael Ignatieff pronouncement about last summer’s Lebanon/Israel conflict. Just visit LibLogs to see what I’m talking about. Here’s my take.

A Leader must be a Leader. He can not change his tune every other day. On the Lebanon/Israel conflict, he must not say WHITE in August and BLACK in October. A Leader does not say one thing in Ontario and the contrary in Québec.

A Leader does not say that he "was not losing sleep" over the Qana bombing and then turn around and say that said bombing was a "War Crime".

A true Leader keeps his cool and doesn’t change his tune just because he’s on TV’s Tout le monde en parle. A Leader: that is not what I saw on TV last Sunday night.

Sorry, Mr. Ignatieff. You are no Leader.

Two tails down,



On the picture: Kyoto Dion telling Stéphane about DOG LOVERS for DION DAYS, a Wagging two-day fundraising event…

You support Stéphane Dion? You love dogs? A furry friend shares and enlightens your everyday life? Well, here come the DOG LOVERS for DION DAYS (DLDD): Thursday and Friday, October 12 and 13, 2006!

You want to make sure that Stéphane Dion becomes the Liberal Alpha Dog? Well, this is your chance. On October 12 and 13, donate a few dollars to the Dion campaign. Keep posted and follow the link to the Dion Button.

Support Stéphane and Kyoto!

See you on Thursday and Friday for DOG LOVERS for DION DAYS! Just visit the Alter Boys and a few of your favourite Bloggers.

Wag On.

Dudley and Jules

Saturday, October 07, 2006

Energy and Climate Change

Liberal Outsider is asking where Dion was. That is a fair question. I don’t know exactly where Stéphane Dion was when a certain vote on Kyoto/Environment took place in Parliament. What I do know is that Dion has the most detailed and comprehensive Policy Plan on Energy and Climate Change . A 55 pages plan on Energy, Climate Change and Environment, as opposed to a few pages by some of his fellow candidates: that is good enough for me!


When in London, Look up Berlin ... and Trudeau!

Great piece by Globe and Mail London correspondent Doug Saunders in this Saturday’s paper (Focus – F3) - sorry, just a partial link: you have to subscribe. It’s all about the influence of one Isaiah Berlin on Bob Rae and Michael Ignatieff. Basically: Negative Liberty versus Positive Liberty. Which comes first? Actually, Liberty versus Equality: which comes first? Or is it Political Liberalism versus Social Democracy? So many questions, so little time!

Whatever your position, it’s a must-read. Read it and answer this question: based on the Saunders piece, which of the two, Rae or Ignatieff, would have Pierre Trudeau voted for? You must keep in mind, of course, that I’m a Dion supporter.

If you can give me the precise quote from Trudeau’s writings, you win … my eternal respect. Sorry, no $$$.

Read on,
Wag on,

Thursday, October 05, 2006

Dog Lovers for Dion: Unite!

Dog Lovers for Dion Days are around the corner! One week to DLDD!

There you have it: Every picture tells a thousand stories. Here is Kyoto telling Stéphane about his Master Plan: Dog Lovers for Dion Days are coming, barks the snowy-white husky! One week left before DLDD. Thursday October 12 and Friday October 13, 2006 are Dog Lovers for Dion Days. Get Ready to Send Stéphane and Kyoto to Stornaway, then to 24 Sussex. DLDD: Don't miss it. Stay tuned.

More details coming soon...

Wag it,
Dudley and Jules

The Week in Review

Here's a very short sample of what selected columnists and pundits had to say this week after Super Weekend.

Warren Kinsella, on October 2, pretty much sticks to his guns: "Who is going to win? Dion and Ignatieff will be the names on the final ballot. Going way, way out on a limb? Iggy has got a big, big lead. But Dalton McGuinty was the fourth or fifth-place contender in the 1996 Ontario Liberal Party race. He stuck to it, and he won after a long, long night. Dion reminds me more and more of Dalton McGuinty – and Dalton ended up doing rather well, didn’t he?"

For her part, Sheila Copps, without going as far as predicting a win in December, argues that Kennedy is the one to watch.

Toronto Star’s Chantal Hébert seems impressed with Ignatieff’s campaign as well as his chances. On Monday, she had hailed Kennedy as "The likely Kingmaker".

Michel C. Auger, from La Presse, argues that an "Anybody but Ignatieff" movement is very unlikely to succeed.

Globe and Mail columnist Jeffrey Simpson (sorry, no link), had this to say:
"Mr. Dion has enough support in both Ontario and Quebec to remain credible. To put matters upside down: He didn’t win either province but he didn’t bomb, as did Mr. Rae in Ontario and Mr. Kennedy in Quebec."

James Travers , for his part, reminds us that Liberals are a pragmatic bunch: "At its calculating end, the Montreal convention will match the contenders against Stephen Harper, hold its nose and pragmatically vote for the one most likely to win another early election."

Finally, Michel Vastel , in L’actualité, opines that all four main candidates have cause for disappointment, except for Gerard Kennedy. According to Vastel: Rae is not strong enough in Ontario; Dion: not enough delegates in Québec; Iggy: 30% is altogether lower than expected.

As for me: I say it’s too early to tell. But you all know who the Alter Boys are rooting for…

But this I know: the candidates’ main challenge will be to get all their elected delegates to Montréal. Much too expensive if you ask me. Ultimately, that will also be the Party’s main challenge! Yes, I know the rules ... Every delegate for himself, right?

Next time, let's have a one member, one vote election. Don't you agree?

Wag on,

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Stéphane Dion: Going for the Cup

Stéphane Dion is here to stay. Only 48 hours after Super Weekend (with 60 meetings still to report, mind you!) and the Rumour Mill is already spinning full circle! The first rumour, being reported by Liberal Life and Times, would have us believe that Stéphane Dion is about to drop out and support Kennedy. This is sheer nonsense. To his credit, Liberal Life and Times dismisses this nonsense as being supported by NO EVIDENCE at all.

The other rumour, coming from a friendly source - not on the Blogosphere yet, as far as I know – would have Stéphane drop out to throw his support to Bob Rae. Says my reliable source - in French:

« La rumeur a commencé à circuler sur Internet et dans les médias que S. Dion s'apprêtait à se joindre à Bob Rae. Il n'en est pas question. Stéphane est sur les rangs pour y rester. Il sera encore de la course au dernier tour de scrutin le 2 décembre au Palais des congrès de Montréal. »

In other words, Stéphane Dion is there to stay; he’s fighting to win. He’s not dropping out, he’ll be there at the Montréal Convention, and he intends to be on the last ballot!

Now: are we going to play nice and focus on policy? Or are we going to spread baseless rumours?

I’ll leave you with that simple question: who benefits from these rumours?

Sleep tight!
Three tails up for Dion,
Dudley, with files from Jules.

Star Editorial and a Few Questions

Today’s Toronto Star editorial on the leadership race paints a pretty accurate picture, if you ask me. Read the whole thing. In the meantime, here are few bits:

"(…) The Liberal party has achieved what many pundits said several months ago was impossible — a vibrant race among four high-quality candidates with fresh ideas and policy initiatives that could prove to be a formidable alternative to the Conservatives in the next election."

"(…) because this has been a remarkably civil race so far, a strong Liberal team is likely to emerge, regardless of who is chosen leader."

"As well as evident strengths, each of these four candidates has their perceived weaknesses, which were also highlighted in the results of the weekend vote and which each of them must address in the coming weeks."

Moving on...

Q. Where are those missing 60 meetings that haven’t reported yet? Are they all mail-ins?
Q. Does anybody know where to find riding by riding results?

Keep wagging,

Monday, October 02, 2006

Glued to the Screen

So, Super Weekend has come and gone. First, let me add my voice to everyone who already praised the LPC for the Delegate Ticker. Thanks for a job well done. Below is a picture of the Alter Boys (from left to right: Lil’ sister Java, Jules and myself, Dudley) glued to the computer screen for three whole days – in between naps, of course. Needless to say, we slept in this morning!

As of 17:00 eastern time Today, there are still 60 meetings left to report, (20 in Ontario, 14 in Québec) but the general picture is pretty clear. Comments and analysis coming soon. Till then, let's nap!

Please note that Count-down to Dog Lovers for Dion Days has begun: 10 days to DLDD. Keep tuning in for details.

Wag on,
Dudley & Jules
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