Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Introducing Michael Fortier: Typical Tory!

Will He Run, or won’t He?

Meet the Honorable Michael Fortier, Minister of Public Works and Government Services. Fortier is the ultimate Tory. Proponent of a reformed triple E Senate. Champion of accountability. Hero - should I say Herald - of Canadian democracy ... Conservative style ...

Thing is: Apparently, the Honorable Fortier rarely shows up in the Non-Triple-E Higher Chamber. Therefore, He doesn’t have to answer any question (accountability anyone?). And never mind voting on anything!

Fortier is a true and tested democrat. Way back in February 2006, days after the last Federal election, Honorable Mike declared: "I didn't run in the election because I didn't want to run in the election" – courtesy of CBC. How sweet it is ... to believe in democracy !!!!

Well! We have at least three by-elections coming up soon, here in our fair Province of Québec, Including one in Outremont. Here’s our question: Mr. Honorable Fortier, will you run???? Will you ... Or will you just collect your Senate paycheck until the next general election? We dare Ya!!!

Let’s do the Grit-Wag,
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