Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Well, well: the Dion Effect in Québec !!!

Would you look at that: Here are the results of the first poll conducted here in Québec since Stéphane Dion won the Liberal Leadership. The Poll was conducted by Léger Marketing for TVA and Le Journal de Montréal (all of them sorta-separatist leaning):

Bloc Québécois: 37% (-2);
Liberals: 35% (+9);
Tories: 17% (-3);
NDP: 6% (-4).

Everyone went down - Except for us grits of course (+9)!!!!

Of course, there's always a Convention Bump (aka the Honeymoon). Still, the naysayers, the pundits and the self-proclaimed nationalist intelligentsia might want to revise their position. That's right, they're the ones who claimed that Stéphane Dion did not stand a chance in hell of winning the grit convention. They were proven wrong.

Only Yesterday, Bernard-he-of-the-red-rag-Landry declared that Dion's victory was a great step towards separation! He will be proven wrong as well!

For the first time over 2 years, the Liberal Party of Canada gets 35% here in Québec.

That TVA journalist, Paul Larocque, calls it L'Effet DION. My old Mom said "it's only a start!"

Wag on,


Same-Sex Marriage: Free Vote or Not?

In short: NO!! Same-Sex Marriage is not a question of value; it is not a matter of ideology. The only question is: does the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedom override the opinion of individual MPs? The answer is clear: YES! An older statesman once said: a Right is a Right is a Right. I agree.

The courts have made it clear that section 15 of the Charter (equality rights) does not allow discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation. Case closed. The only way the matter can be revisited is by using the notwithstanding clause.

Do Liberals want to re-open the debate and then use section 33 of the Charter? I don't.

Therefore, the Leader of the Official Opposition should not allow a free vote on the upcoming governmental motion. Period. No free vote.

Wag the vote


Saturday, December 02, 2006

Grits United!

The Liberal Party of Canada is now united, and headed for victory. Apparently, there are a few disgruntled (Mal à l'aise) Québec Liberals (we're guessing Coderre, Pablo, etc..)They're more than welcome to join the new leadership and work with us towards our next victory. Otherwise, well ... there's always the BQ.

Grit on,

BTW: Dion Won, Chrétien is still Great!

"Do not adjust your sets," Chrétien said following the rapturous applause. "What you see is what you get."

Aline Chrétien must be a very happy woman tonight! Her man is still the greatest rock star in the country. And her spiritual son, our man Stéphane, is our new leader!!

Start packing Steve, we’re taking over pretty soon!

Wag off,


Stéphane is the Man!

When he launched his campaign, they said: Even him?
Some laughed, some scoffed. Of course, the self-proclaimed Québec nationalist intelligentsia was doubtful, if not scornful.

The Man led the best campaign. Stéphane is the Man who beat the Man!

We are very proud to have endorsed Stéphane DION way back in April!!!!

Now, to Stornoway, then 24 Sussex.

Bark On,



The Paw of Victory!! Quelle Victoire pour mon Pays!!

A few days ago, we posted this picture with the caption “The Paw to Victory”!


The people won. The establishment lost big time. The nay Sayers lost. The country won. DION won. Welcome home Canada!!

Vive le Canada!

Wag on to victory,

The Smile of Victory ?!?

Only a few minutes to go! This little guy looks pretty confident.

Bark it up Kyoto!


Fellow Liberals: Dion Will Win in Québec !!

When it comes to federal politics, never listen to Québec pundits.They will tell you that DION won't fly in Québec. That's what Chantal Hébert says; that's what Jean Lapierre says; that's what Frulla says. Right?

They're WRONG!

DION will improve the LPC performance in Québec. Don't be fooled. The same people who are telling you right now that Stéphane DION will not fly in Québec were telling you only 2 months ago that DION didn't stand a chance in the Leadership race!

They don't know a thing. They have an agenda.

Wag on for DION to the end,



The Future of our Party!

Friday, December 01, 2006


Stéphane in third place after first ballot! I'd say were looking pretty good right now. I can hear barks of joy coming from all over. Even Don Newman looks impressed! I know of quite a few people who will have very short nights.

Wag on,
Bark on,


The Speeches: My Ratings

Here's what it looked like from the confort of my living room:

1. Best content: Stéphane Dion.
2. Most inspiring: Ken Dryden.
3. Most likeable: Scott Brison.
4. Honorable mention for guts: Martha Hall Findlay.
5. Most predictable: Bob Rae.
6. The "I really like the guy, but still can't totally figure him out" award: Gerard Kennedy.
7. OK: Joe Volpe.
8. I already wrote what I thought of Iggy's allocution: A whole lot of Hot Air! Empty words.

Sleep tight!

Iggy: Empty Words

Here is my account of the Michael Ignatieff speech (I actually took notes):
Hope-Opportunity-Future-Challenge-Democracy-Confidence-Spirit-National Unity-Conviction-Vision.

Empty words. Hot-air. Nothing concrete. Am I the only one to think that Iggy actually has nothing but hype to bring to the table? I just don't get it.

Review of Dion, Kennedy and Rae speeches to come.


Volpe Goes Rae

As of 9:15 pm, Joe Volpe just threw his support behind Bob Rae. How many Volpe delegates will follow? I saw a lot of long faces in the Volpe camp! I guess Mr. Volpe can sleep in Saturday morning.


Dryden: He Shoots, He Scores !

Ken Dryden is giving, as I write this, an inspiring, inspirational, moving and very substantial speech. He reminds us all of what it means to be Canadian. Values, values, values! This guy will play a HUGE role in our next (soon to be) Liberal government.

You said it Mr. 29: I want my Canada back!

Now to our man Stéphane!

Wag on,

Lyle Vanclief for Dion

Apparently, Lyle Vanclief is walking around with our man Dion.
Keep 'em coming.

Let's Van!
Wag on,

Dudley with files from Jules.

Allan Rock Supports Dion !

Our man Stéphane Dion just entered the main Convention Hall flanked by the Hon. Allan Rock along with hundreds of very vocal supporters.
Rock for Dion - I Love It!!!

Rock on,
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