Monday, October 23, 2006

Grits in Montréal: Iggy Cheerleaders Show Their True Colours

As you can see from the picture, Jules and I are on attack mode. Watching the short bits and pieces of the Saturday debate that were shown on TV, I was suddenly brought back, in memory, to the days I spent in student politics at the Université de Montréal (Law school, late 80’s). The student body was then, as it is probably nowadays, 60-70% nationalists/péquistes/separatists. Anytime one would raise an issue or ask a question that made them feel uncomfortable, the hurly-burly, the heckling and the booing would start. Anything to shut down the opponent! Now I'm not comparing the Liberal crowd to a separatist assembly...just their behaviour.

Full disclosure: I did not attend the Montréal bash, but a fellow pup tells me the TV bits were dead on.

Is this really what the Ignatieff crowd is all about? Heckling and booing? Rae and Dion raised valid points, whether you agree with them or not. They asked questions that need to be asked and answered. Bob and Stéphane did not invent anything nor did they put words in Iggy’s mouth. They quoted him, and asked questions. Isn’t Ignatieff supposed to be “a superior intellect”? Can’t he just explain himself, answer for himself? Does he have to rely on a crowd of booing cheerleaders?

Dissension Delivered puts it better than I could, when he writes, here, about Michael Ignatieff and his worshippers:

"For a campaign who gets so upset by the notion of an anybody-but campaign, he sure provides other campaigns with all the reason to pursue such a strategy.

Moreover, it's pretty rich for the Ignatieff campaign, represented by people like Antonio and Alex, to talk about party unity. Their motto is simple: divide and (hopefully?) conquer. They support the most divisive candidate in the race, and their actions (and those of similarly minded pro-Ignatieff supporters) are a big reason why he is so divisive.

I will add that the Iggy campaign is beginning to look more and more like the Martin crowd, circa 2003-2005: Stifle yourself, you ingrate dissenter! We all know were that led us! Are we going to make that same mistake again?

Well, I have a hunch that the Dion, Rae and Kennedy crowd will not shut up.

I just read Fuddle Duddle’s latest rant, and I’ll get back to it later on. But if Michel C. Auger’s and Chantal Hébert’s opinion is all they have to fall back on, they’re in trouble.

My fellow pups and I are in a very bad mood. And it’s certainly not because we’re desperate, as some would have you believe


Blogger Skip said...

Thanks for the link! :)

On a substantive note, I stand by what I said, and I will reiterate, that I think the Ignatieff campaign is crazy to have allowed what transpired to have transpired. They just alienated every single one of Dion's and Rae's delegates in Quebec, if not across the country, with their behaviour.

Well, I guess I should be thanking them.

5:43 PM  

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