Monday, October 23, 2006

Peter MacKay Getting ready for Halloween

Much has been said and written about Peter Foreign-Potato-Field-Affairs MacKay’s latest pronouncement on Belinda, Dogs and the likes. The truth, according to us Alter Boys, is that being compared to a dog is actually a compliment!

The only exception: this picture of Pete-the-Mac in his Halloween/Condi Rice worshipper costume.

Jules says: He who dismisses Dogs will soon find himself and his brethren in opposition. Miss Stronach, on the other hand, will land a cabinet seat.

Wag On, jilted loverboy!



Blogger Bo said...

Are there any honest lawyers in Canada? Why isn't the RCMP investigating Jim Flaherty for betraying Canada? This so-called Conservative Finance Minister relies on the welfare policies of Australia to tax the children of hard-working Canadians?

That's TREASON, as far as I am concerned. I think Canada has had enough of corrupt lawyers like Peter Shoniker, who admitted to laundering $700,000 through a bank in New York City and to theft for taking $50,000 in payment. In particular, these people deserve the death penalty for what they fail to admit.

Likewise, Jim Flaherty thinks he can rely on a cloak of absolute secrecy to screw Canadians? SCREW FLAHERTY, he's the Minority.

Click here to understand how ignorant and corrupt lawyers screw Canadians.

5:16 AM  

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