Thursday, October 05, 2006

The Week in Review

Here's a very short sample of what selected columnists and pundits had to say this week after Super Weekend.

Warren Kinsella, on October 2, pretty much sticks to his guns: "Who is going to win? Dion and Ignatieff will be the names on the final ballot. Going way, way out on a limb? Iggy has got a big, big lead. But Dalton McGuinty was the fourth or fifth-place contender in the 1996 Ontario Liberal Party race. He stuck to it, and he won after a long, long night. Dion reminds me more and more of Dalton McGuinty – and Dalton ended up doing rather well, didn’t he?"

For her part, Sheila Copps, without going as far as predicting a win in December, argues that Kennedy is the one to watch.

Toronto Star’s Chantal Hébert seems impressed with Ignatieff’s campaign as well as his chances. On Monday, she had hailed Kennedy as "The likely Kingmaker".

Michel C. Auger, from La Presse, argues that an "Anybody but Ignatieff" movement is very unlikely to succeed.

Globe and Mail columnist Jeffrey Simpson (sorry, no link), had this to say:
"Mr. Dion has enough support in both Ontario and Quebec to remain credible. To put matters upside down: He didn’t win either province but he didn’t bomb, as did Mr. Rae in Ontario and Mr. Kennedy in Quebec."

James Travers , for his part, reminds us that Liberals are a pragmatic bunch: "At its calculating end, the Montreal convention will match the contenders against Stephen Harper, hold its nose and pragmatically vote for the one most likely to win another early election."

Finally, Michel Vastel , in L’actualité, opines that all four main candidates have cause for disappointment, except for Gerard Kennedy. According to Vastel: Rae is not strong enough in Ontario; Dion: not enough delegates in Québec; Iggy: 30% is altogether lower than expected.

As for me: I say it’s too early to tell. But you all know who the Alter Boys are rooting for…

But this I know: the candidates’ main challenge will be to get all their elected delegates to Montréal. Much too expensive if you ask me. Ultimately, that will also be the Party’s main challenge! Yes, I know the rules ... Every delegate for himself, right?

Next time, let's have a one member, one vote election. Don't you agree?

Wag on,


Blogger Neo Conservative said...

It's not so much that voters in Quebec didn't like Gerard Kennedy in particular... they just didn't like Liberals in general.

8:49 AM  

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