Monday, March 03, 2008

When the Boss Comes to Town! – Liberals Awake!

Woooof, Bruce was in Montréal last night. And your favorite Dudley was on location, barking and jumping up and down like a ... Mad Dog! Mind you, I kinda knew what to expect: that was my 6th Bruuuuuuce sighting since the 80/81 “River” tour. Sure, the Man and the E Street Band don’t do those 4 hour-long marathons anymore, but the guys still know how to raise the roof – and a Kennel Club!

You pups can read the reviews for yourselves, but here are a few highlights, especially for my Hamilton litter mates. The E Band opened with Night, which was a special treat for old dogs like yours truly. What really got my tail wagging, though, was hearing Roy Bittan pawing the opening notes of Because the Night ... In 28 years of Springsteen live-spotting, I had never seen him doing Because. And then on with She’s the One, The Promised Land and a clearly-audible Darkness on the Edge of Town. Of course, the show ended with Badlands.

On for the encore. Same as usual: 30 minutes of Born to Run, Dancing in the Dark, other fun stuff, and a gutt-wrenching rendition of Jungleland – the whole nine-yards-ten-minutes version, including a much too short 4 minute solo by the now 66 year old Big Man. The guys left us with that sweet Irish-sounding immigrant song American Land.

Oh! By the way! For all my Grit friends out there: Bruce made a point of telling us about the lying-war-mongering-censorshiping-wire-tapping-Guantanamo-ing stuff that’s been going on down south for 7 years now. Rings a bell for us in the Great White North? – Cadman anyone? – Censorship anyone? Let’s not wait too long. Save Canada. Throw Harper out!

Let’s Grit-it up. Let’s ALL get behind Stéphane Dion. Let’s stop the internal fighting. Look in the mirror and repeat after me: Liberal is not a 4-letter word. Let’s get rid of those Tories!

Grit-up! Wag-on.

Yours barking,


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Blogger Kai_Wolf said...

And yet, the Liberals have voted to defeat their own budget amendment. Good work guys. Abstension, a walkout, supporting the Government, and now this. You can't even be an Official Oppostion, and you want to be the GOVERNMENT? Ya, "get behind Stepane Dion" alright; right behind them as he drives the Liberals over the cliff.

6:16 PM  
Blogger Alter Boys said...

Dear kai_wolf,
Looks like I can't access your profile. I'll answer your rant when I can access it.
BTW, if memory serves, the Liberals were not the first ones to abstain or support the government. The Torries did it too, right? Or did they just try to buy votes...
Anyway, my post was about the Springsteen show.

7:04 PM  
Blogger HammertimeGP said...

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