Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Same-Sex Marriage: Free Vote or Not?

In short: NO!! Same-Sex Marriage is not a question of value; it is not a matter of ideology. The only question is: does the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedom override the opinion of individual MPs? The answer is clear: YES! An older statesman once said: a Right is a Right is a Right. I agree.

The courts have made it clear that section 15 of the Charter (equality rights) does not allow discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation. Case closed. The only way the matter can be revisited is by using the notwithstanding clause.

Do Liberals want to re-open the debate and then use section 33 of the Charter? I don't.

Therefore, the Leader of the Official Opposition should not allow a free vote on the upcoming governmental motion. Period. No free vote.

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Blogger Bud said...

There are 2 things that really bother me,

1. Is the SSM fiasco a product of the minority telling the majority what to do? After all, Canadians have NEVER been asked their official opinion. How do we really know that the majority of Canadians really want this.

2. The vast majority of judges (especially Supreme Court Judges) ruled in favor of SSM were appointed by a Liberal government. You know in advance how they will vote. This is not a partisan political comment but a factual one.

So if I'm not in favor of SSM and lets say the majority of Canadians are not in favor, why not bring it up to a vote . . . to all Canadians.

And lastly, what's wrong with letting all MP's vote how they feel instead of what they're told. After all, these are our representatives who are voting.

6:49 AM  
Blogger Alter Boys said...

Comment noted, opinion respected.

However, the first important decision on the matter was rendered by the Ontario Court of Appeals, and that decision was written by Chief Justice Roy McMurtry, a Tory appointed by...Brian Mulroney.
Take care.

9:33 AM  
Blogger Mtl Downtown said...

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5:45 PM  
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