Wednesday, October 11, 2006

A Leader Must be a Leader

Much has been said and written over the last few days about the latest Michael Ignatieff pronouncement about last summer’s Lebanon/Israel conflict. Just visit LibLogs to see what I’m talking about. Here’s my take.

A Leader must be a Leader. He can not change his tune every other day. On the Lebanon/Israel conflict, he must not say WHITE in August and BLACK in October. A Leader does not say one thing in Ontario and the contrary in Québec.

A Leader does not say that he "was not losing sleep" over the Qana bombing and then turn around and say that said bombing was a "War Crime".

A true Leader keeps his cool and doesn’t change his tune just because he’s on TV’s Tout le monde en parle. A Leader: that is not what I saw on TV last Sunday night.

Sorry, Mr. Ignatieff. You are no Leader.

Two tails down,



Blogger Neo Conservative said...

Iggy just needs a little "hair of the liberal dog."

It fixed Stephane Dion right up.

7:05 PM  
Blogger Winnipeg Liberal said...

If you didn't see a leader on TV on Sunday night, why did you wait until Wednesday evening to make note of it on your blog?

7:32 PM  
Blogger Alter Boys said...

Dear Winnipeg Liberal,

I did not post about it before Today because my entire life does not revolve around my Blog. i.e I have to work once in a while.

That being said, although I stand by my earlier post, Michael was probably "trapped". Iggy simply shouldn't have gone on the "Tout le monde en parle show".

That show is recorded on Thursday, and the Host, Guy A. Lepage, spends 3 days editing it to show exactly what HE wants on Sunday.

If you read the Québec papers, you probably know that this show has become quite controversial as of late. Certains ont même comparé Lepage à un fasciste!

Lepage is a known separatist, and if you're not a "kneeling nationalist", he'll make sure to make you look as spupid as he can.

But still, I think Iggy knew was he was doing. He's not stupid.


9:17 PM  

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