Thursday, October 05, 2006

Dog Lovers for Dion: Unite!

Dog Lovers for Dion Days are around the corner! One week to DLDD!

There you have it: Every picture tells a thousand stories. Here is Kyoto telling Stéphane about his Master Plan: Dog Lovers for Dion Days are coming, barks the snowy-white husky! One week left before DLDD. Thursday October 12 and Friday October 13, 2006 are Dog Lovers for Dion Days. Get Ready to Send Stéphane and Kyoto to Stornaway, then to 24 Sussex. DLDD: Don't miss it. Stay tuned.

More details coming soon...

Wag it,
Dudley and Jules


Blogger Sinestra said...

My Jack Russell prefers Ken Dryden.

7:54 AM  

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