Monday, November 13, 2006

Justin Trudeau: Iggy all over the place!

In an interview to air - or aired, depending on when you read this - tonight around 7:30 pm on RDI (Le Réseau de l’Information), Justin Trudeau calls Mr. Ignatieff’s positions "all over the place" (éparpillé is the word he used in French). "One thing is for sure, says Mr. Trudeau, whether you agreed with him or not, you always knew where my father stood".

Well, we agree. Mr. Ignatieff’s intellectual gymnastics (read flexibility) doesn’t sit well with us pups either. What we need, you guessed it, is Clarity.

From the looks of it, Trudeau does not seem to be very enthusiastic about Mr. Rae’s candidacy either. While he hasn’t made up his mind yet, he invites delegates to take a close look at Gerard Kennedy and Stéphane Dion.

Wag on,


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