Thursday, September 28, 2006

Dion in the Québec Media

Great interview with Stéphane Dion last Wednesday night on Les Francs-tireurs - The Straight Shooters - a public affairs programme on Télé-Québec. If you catch this channel on Cable or Satellite, and understand French, the interview will be aired again this coming Sunday at 8:00 PM and next Tuesday at 0:30 AM: Channel 722 on Starchoice.

Watching Stéphane Dion standing up to self-proclaimed nationalist intellectuals is always a treat!

There’s also an excellent interview with Stéphane Dion in Tuesday’s Le Devoir. The interview is quite comprehensive, with Dion talking about his bid for the leadership, the environment, nationalism, good governance, his relationship with Québecois and national unity.

The whole thing is of course in French, but here are a few bits, translated by Yours Truly. I’ll try and translate a few more parts in the upcoming days.

On the question of Iraq:

«PM Chrétien believed, as I did, that going into Iraq might create more insecurity than the opposite, says Mr. Dion. Current events tend to prove him right. »

On his first order of business should he become Prime Minister:

«Putting in place Green Fiscal Incentives, in order to encourage the purchase of less-polluting items and energy efficient appliances and machinery. »

All in all, quite a good week for Dion in the "so-called" hostile Québec media.

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