Thursday, September 21, 2006

The United Nations Today: Bad Manners and Good Marketing

Busy day in New York. Here's what caught my attention.

1. From the bits I caught on the evening news, it think that the Afghan delegation didn’t even bother to show up for Stephen Harper’s speech at the UN General Assembly earlier today. Talk about bad manners. Canada sends its soldiers to fight and die in Afghanistan, and they’re too busy to attend? I did not see the whole thing live. If you did and saw the Afghan delegation in attendance, please send in your comments or rebuttals.

2. Within hours of Hugo Chavez’s speech at the UN on Wednesday, Noam Chomsky’s book, Hegemony or Survival, jumped into the Amazon and Barnes & Nobles Top Ten List. Now, that’s good marketing. Read the whole story here.

3. The CBC, among others, is citing a UN report claiming that over 6,000 Iraqi civilians died violently over the months of July and August. Is this what G.W. Bush would call “Good progress”, or is it a mere case of “Freedom on the March”? On a (not so) slightly lighter note (?!?), the BBC reports that "Torture may be worse now in Iraq than under former leader Saddam Hussein, the UN's chief anti-torture expert says". This is scary, but not unexpected.

4. Judging by the press conference held by Iran President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad in New York this morning, it is no wonder why G.W. Bush wouldn’t meet with the Persian Boss. Apart from the obvious John-Wayne-Macho-Wannabe rhetoric, the main reason is that Ahmadinejad sounds much smarter than the American President.

That's the kind of day it's been on my TV set.

Wag on,


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