Thursday, September 28, 2006

Frulla Goes Iggy: No Big Deal

Jeff, AKA A BCer in Toronto, may not be, as he puts it, a Québec expert. But he is right on the money about Liza Frulla’s endorsement of Michael Ignatieff: it really is No Big Blow to the Dion campaign. It is no big susprise either. Softies on nationalism like Frulla, Lapierre, and yes, Paul Martin, were never on Dion’s side.

I never forgot - nor forgave - Mrs. Frulla for declaring back in 2000 that "everyone in the Party would be relieved if PM Jean Chrétien left". Remember that in 2000, Frulla had just been elected to the House. Talk about loyalty! Well, she and her friends eventually got their wish, and we Liberals were relieved ... of Power.

Liza Frulla might be a household name in Québec’s general population, but I have it on good authority than she doesn’t carry too much weight within the Liberal Party. In my neck of the wood, Denis Paradis’s endorsement of Stéphane Dion’s bid is a little more important.

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Blogger Marc Gendron said...

Your good authority is a very bad one! Frulla was the most important party spokeperson after Lapierre in Québec, and you forget that most of the francophone LPC members are soft nationalists. Thus, she is probably the most important endorsement one could get with Coderre, Rodriguez, Martin, Lapierre and Robillard (the two first went to Ignatieff already; the three last are staying neutral).

2:08 PM  
Blogger Alex Plante said...

Is this guy joking when he says that Denis Paradis, a defeated backbench MP, is more important than Liza Frulla, a senior Cabinet minister ? What do you smoke ?

Have you every been to Quebec

3:44 PM  
Blogger Matt Campbell said...

Alter boys: If I follow your logic to its fullest extent, Frulla's endorsement would have been a fatal blow to Dion had she endorsed Stephane.

This is a really silly line of argumentation.

Every endorsement counts in this 9 horse race, and I know Dion's people are privately kicking themselves for losing Frulla. So don't try and pretend this is small potatoes.

Maybe in a few months time your byline will read: "Ignatieff wins leadership. No big deal. Stephane has it in the bag for next time."

Gimme a break!

4:13 PM  
Blogger Alter Boys said...

Well... Cher Alex,
For your personal info, Alex Plante, I am a francophone, born, raised, and still living in our fair Province of Québec. And I have been a Liberal for many decades...Probably longer than Mrs. Frulla.

And yes, I do believe that Denis Paradis has a lot of pull in quite a few ridings in the Eastern Townships ridings.

Mr. Paradis may well be a "defeated back bencher"; But Mrs. Frulla is a defeated minister!!

And I quit smoking (everyting) a long time ago...
Yours truly,

5:07 PM  

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