Friday, September 15, 2006

Here we go again!

It had to be expected. It couldn’t last. Up until now, we have witnessed a relatively clean leadership campaign. Of course, they’re have been a few sparks between candidates, a few blunders here and there, but it has so far been a real race, not a masquerade such as the one we experienced 3 years ago.

However, while many Liberal militants were starting to believe that the Party had turned the page and was ready to start a new chapter, ghosts from the past have apparently decided to reappear. Reliable sources have brought to our attention that certain members of our Dear Departed Leader’s inner circle (among others, Tim Murphy, Lucie Castelli) have been exerting pressure on some prominent organizers working on the campaign. Apparently, they were asked not to present aspiring delegates in some ridings, such as in Lasalle-Émard, our previous Leader’s constituency.

Organizers we have spoken to have made it very clear: it is out of the question!

This leadership race began under the auspices of integrity, and this is how it will continue. That is what Party members believe and want, and they are coming forth in hordes. A source on Team Dion tells me that in Québec only, over 800 members sent in their forms to become Stéphane Dion delegates.

What do those “Martinites” think anyway? Do they really believe that all the efforts of reconstruction and renewal made over the past few months by Liberal militants and directors were just a sham? Do the “Martinites” think that all they have to do is show up, and that we will disappear and apologize for having taken back what is ours? Do they really believe that they will enforce upon us another coronation, just like they did in 2003?

Dudley, with files from Jules


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