Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Three Tails Up For Dion

Just visited Cerberus
and saw that our favourite Alpha Dog Stéphane Dion was, as of today, in the lead in the Blogger Endorsements! And how sweet it is that your favourite pups, The Alter Boys, were the ones to put him on top (31 Dion - 29 Iggy, for now at least).

Only thing is: We’re listed as the ALTAR BOYS … Once again: We do politics. We don’t do religion. We were never abused by any catholic priest.

Anyway! Coming soon: more on Dion and his one week working vacation.

3 tails up for Dion.



Blogger Cerberus said...

Your, um, prayer has been answered. It's been fixed.

From one dog to another.


8:36 AM  

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