Friday, July 28, 2006

Freedom and Democracy, Afghan Style

This is just Marvelous! Another example of what G.W. Bush calls Freedom on the March : the Globe and Mail is now reporting that President Hamid Karzai and his Afghan government plan to reinstate the infamous Ministry of Morality, aka the Vice-and-Virtue department, aka the Be-Nice-or-Torture department.

These are the guys who, under the Taliban regime, used to roam the streets of Kabul and beat up men whose beards were not long enough, or better still, flog women who dared to venture outside without a male relative.

How nice. What a model of democracy we are helping to create.

Is this what our Canadian soldiers are fighting and dying for in Afghanistan??

I think not. Do you? How about you, PM Harper?

Read the whole thing

Two tails down,
Your favorite Terrier, Dudley


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