Sunday, July 09, 2006

Random Bites

A couple of nibbles to chew on:
1. Jean Charest à Paris.
Yesterday, we barked a few barks concerning the media treatment of Jean Charest's comments on Québec's independance. In this Sunday edition of La Presse, editorialist André Pratte stated the obvious: there was nothing new, nor newsworthy, about Charest's comments. Which leaves us with this absurd, yet haunting question: why, then, did La Presse and other assorted media outlets put that non-news on their front page?
2. Freedom on the March!
Page one of George W Bush's bedtime story book about Irak reads as follows: "We're Making Good Progress!". Page two of the same fairytale is the ever popular "Freedom is on the March!"
The news of the day: "At least 62 Irakis killed on Sunday". Must be nice to be free when you're dead ... Have a nice day.


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