Saturday, July 08, 2006

Keep Your Shirt On !

Jean à Paris.
Here goes nothing: Premier Jean Charest visits Paris and answers the obligatory silly French question.
Q: “Is an independent Québec viable?”
A: “Of course, the province has the means to go it alone. BUT IT IS NOT IN OUR BEST INTEREST!”

As usual, just like Pavlov’s dog (and we at Alter Boys know a few things about pups), the media hyperventilated and got overly excited. They picked up on the first part of the answer and, of course, barely mentioned the essential: It’s not in our interest! (Full disclosure: nous, Jules et Dudley, sommes de bons canadiens français de Montréal. So we know our best interest!)

Et La Presse de titrer : « Le Québec a les moyens de devenir indépendant »
The Toronto Star: « Québec could go it alone, but won’t »
Bourque (sorry Pierre!) really went overboard: « Major Charest Blunder »

Sorry guys. No blunder. No nothing. Just a No News Day (NNDtm).

Our thanks to The Gazette’s Hubert Bauch (July 8, page A12) for putting the whole thing in perspective: It’s been said time and time again - Yes we could. It does not mean we should or will.

Of course, we pups have the means to go it alone. We could live in the forest and feed on what Mother Nature provides. But does that mean that it is in our best interest?
So, please ladies and gents of the media: keep your shirts on. No need to get your shorts in a knot. Nothing new. Nothing to get excited about. Jean Charest just stated the obvious: We could do it, but we won’t – Why should we?


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