Friday, December 09, 2005

Paul's Week

I’m not Paul Martin’s biggest fan, far from it. But I’ll be the first to admit that he’s had a pretty good week. First, there was his emotional yet dignified response (I will not disappear!) to Gilles Duceppe’s wish of eliminating the Liberals from Québec.

Then, on Wednesday, Martin’s speech to the Climate Change Conference got him a standing ovation – and he managed to alienate the US delegation at the same time. Double Whammy!

On Thursday, he declared his “war on hand-guns”. Forget how, or even if it will ever work. Forget how much it’ll cost. The concept is easy to grasp, and the plan will be wildly popular everywhere east of Regina. Banning hand-guns: It’s a hit.

Now, the latest polls have the Liberals anywhere between 10 and 14 points nationally over the PCC, including a huge lead in vote-rich Ontario.

To top it all up, guess who’s coming to Montréal on Friday for the Climate Change Bash? Superstar Bill Clinton. Guess who’s changing his plans to be in Montréal at the appropriate time? I smell photo-op, don’t you?

Now Paul, just clean up the whole Trust Fund Mess, and you’re on your way!


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