Wednesday, November 22, 2006

That Nation Notion: Harper Sticks it to Duceppe

I am not a big Steve Harper fan. But I will always give credit when credit is due. Furthermore, I will applaud anytime a federalist proves he's smarter than a separatist. So here goes:

As expected, Gilles “The-man-with-the-great-pension-plan” Duceppe rose in the Commons Today and moved that “This House recognize Québec as a nation”. PM Steve then moved that “Québec forms a nation within a united Canada”. Looks like all three federalist parties in the House will actually vote in favour of this amendment.

What will the Bloc do? How could they not see this curve-ball coming? Are they going to oppose the amendment, by the same token rejecting the Nation recognition because Canada, to them, is a dirty four-letter word?

Duceppe thought he could set a trap for everyone to fall in. Look who’s got his finger in the mouse-trap now.

As much as I hate to say it: kudos to Stephen Harper.

PS: I still disagree with the nation thing. Québec is a territory, not a people. And keep in mind that I’m a Québec French Canadian. But I know a great political play when I see one!

Now, can we please get back to important issues? Economy, health care, environment...

Wag on,



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